Summary of Pinoy Gay Themed Movie QuickTrip:
In first world countries, children are encouraged to become financially stable upon reaching adulthood. However, in the Philippines, they owe their lives to their parents and are indebted to this fate. Often, the eldest bears the burden of being the breadwinner of the family. This is the predicament of the breadwinners like Cris, the young lead in the film “Quickie”, who also happens to be gay. His small income as a night shift waiter barely covers the house and medical bills of his family. Cris has a boyfriend, Dexter whose financial status has improved when he becomes a call center representative. Dexter now wants a live-in relationship which Cris cannot afford, so he dumps Cris. He tries to woo him back but a handsome starnger suddenly enters his life and changes everything. This is their story.

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