Summary of Pinoy Gay Themed Movie Dampi:
Robert and Sandy mislead people for a living, working as fake miracle workers. When they get caught, they move to another place where they could continue their cunning ways. Relocating to a new town, the pair meets Terio. The young boy is rumored to have a visions of a mystic woman in the mountains. Upon knowing this, Robert and Sandy quickly jump in Terio’s bandwagon, thinking it would be beneficial for their business. Robert was very persistent in this sneaky endeavor. On the other hand, conscience got the best out of Sandy, who wanted out. They eventually part ways. In the end, Terio finds out that there is no miraculous apparition as he finds out that the image he sees is of his mother who left him and his father, trying to make amends and apologizing for all her shortcomings. Watch gay themed pinoy movie Dampi in full video streaming for free. Enjoy!

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