Macho dancing video of Manila’s top gay bar. This is the part 1 of the video. If you wish to see the second part, please comment below. I want to know your feedback. Enjoy!

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48 Responses

  1. Dahco Perez says:

    d best gay bar….

  2. Nakakalibog.. thankss

  3. Gutierrez Gerald says:

    grabe san gay bar to? hehehe

  4. Andre Genes says:

    wow good job!!!!

  5. Māki Remon says:

    Wanna see the part 2 pls

  6. Hello paanu mpanous yn

  7. Amis Atay says:


  8. open pa ba yang bar na yan ?

  9. Eric Dickson says:

    do you have any video of live stage sex shows?

  10. Wow it's great and I like it…

  11. Ar Avilla says:

    Pinoy M2M Scandal Videos of ako like ko

  12. where is the exact loc? ng bar na yan like it

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